Ash Kerry runs a bar in Sydney outside the Zone with her friend Koen and boyfriend Blair, and they live together above the bar. She and Koen have a sexual relationship that they keep secret from Blair.

Ash knew about the plan to smuggle Hairies out of the Zone and report them to the Containment Authority for a reward, though she wasn't directly involved. She was upset by Jirra's death, but didn't protest too much. She was having sex with Koen when Uncle Jimmy died and the power of the Cleverman passed to Koen.

She tried to continue her relationship with Koen afterwards, but was frustrated by his rejections. She also tried to persuade him to use his Cleverman powers, including touching her to see visions of her future, but he initially refused to tell her what he sees. She presses him and he eventually tells her the vision he saw was violent, and she is disappointed, seemingly hoping he saw a future for the two of them. She later questions him about the nulla nulla and the Namorrodor.

When McIntyre is sent to bring in Koen, he holds Ash at gunpoint to force Koen's cooperation. Blair shoots McIntyre, who in turn shoots Ash as he falls to the ground. As she dies, Cora places Koen's hands on her; his handprints glow briefly but Ash still dies. Blair later returns for her body, but she has turned to ashes, which he collects in a box.