Blair Finch co-owns a bar called "The Couch" in Sydney outside the Zone with his friend Koen and girlfriend Ash.

Blair met Koen when they were both young and homeless; Blair was sleeping rough under a bridge, and Koen found his group after running away from home. He wanted Blair's sleeping bag, but the two became friends. Years later they started The Couch together.

To help finance the bar, Blair went along with Koen's plan to smuggle Boondee's family out of the Zone in exchange for money, then report them to claim a reward from the Containment Authority. Blair was uneasy about going ahead with the scheme when he realised children were involved, and was distraught when Jyra was killed during the family's capture.

Fascinated by Koen's Cleverman powers of visions and regeneration, he helped his friend find a young woman who was calling out to him telepathically. He was angered to discover she was being kept captive in a secret, private medical facility and readily assisted in her escape. After living with her for some time, he named the woman Kora.

When McIntyre came to The Couch to claim Kora and Koen for Slade, he took Ash hostage; Blair took Koen's gun and shot McIntyre from behind to save her, but when McIntyre and Ash fell together, McIntyre shot and fatally wounded Ash. Blair was distraught.

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