The Cleverman (Gumbaynggirr: Ngaluunggirr) is an Aboriginal person granted a powerful personal connection to the Dreaming. Through that connection they have access to many supernatural powers, reflecting the Dreaming's existence in the past, present and future. The Cleverman is marked by having one blue eye, and one regular dark eye.

James West was the Cleverman of his people until he passed the mantle to his nephew, Koen.


Powers exhibited by the Cleverman include:

  • Rapid regeneration - the Cleverman's injuries heal almost instantly, leaving no scarring, though he is not immortal.
  • Reanimation - Uncle Jimmy was able to breathe life back into a fresh corpse, by summoning an ancestor's spirit from the Dreaming to inhabit the body.
  • Summoning - Uncle Jimmy was able to summon the Namorrodor, a creature of the Dreaming, to Earth.
  • Telepathy - the Cleverman is able to receive psychic messages, and possibly to send them as well.
  • Visions - by touching another person, the Cleverman can see glimpses of their past, present and future.
  • Accelerate entropy - after Koen touches the body of recently killed Ash Kerry, her body is quickly reduced to ash.