Dickson (first name unknown) was a particularly sadistic senior guard at the Containment Authority's containment facility. He detested hairypeople, referring to them by various slurs - especially "rug" - and refusing to use their names. He subjected his inmates to a variety of indignities, including branding on arrival, and forbidding them from speaking their own language, referring to it as "jungle talk". He was particular hateful of Djukara, who seemed popular and respected by the other hairypeople, and sought to make an example of him after he assaulted Dickson and several other guards in a short-lived escape attempt. He attached a collar to Djukara with which he could give him painful electric shocks, and lectured him about the history of the "whipping boy" before revealing that he had done the same to Djukara's father, Boondee (whom Dickson had christened "Trevor"). This successfully forced Djukara's submission, and Dickson had him chained up and shaved in front of the other inmates in order to humiliate him further.

Dickson was also thoroughly corrupt; he supplied Frankie with a selection of hairywomen, including Araluen, in exchange for money, and murdered those rejected without a second thought.

When Waruu and Harry entered the facility and freed three of the inmates, it was Dickson who spotted Djukara and shot him. He demanded to know how many he was up against, but while he was questioning Djukara, Waruu overpowered him and snapped his neck, killing him.

His body was later mutilated by McIntyre to make it look like he was killed the same way as James West and Cameron: his chest ripped open and his heart torn out. His blood was also used to paint a symbol on the wall of the facility.