The hairypeople or "hairies" are a humanoid species distinct from humans. They have lived in Australia for 80,000 years, featuring in the Dreaming stories of many Aboriginal countries, but remaining hidden in recent history until Emergence Day, approximately six months before Koen West became the Cleverman. The Australian government refers to them as "subhumans" and seek to control and incarcerate them through the Containment Authority.

Physical descriptionEdit

Hairypeople are very long-lived, with lifespans of up to 200 years. They are stronger, faster and tougher than humans. They get their name from the thick hair that grows over much of their body, including the hands and faces of both sexes, though male hairypeople develop larger and fuller beards than women. This hair is usually dark but often streaked with other colours, including white, grey, brown and red. They also have distinctive bright blue eyes, and long, hard fingernails that can cut through flesh.

Apart from these differences they are indistinguishable from humans. Some remove their body hair and wear contact lenses in order to blend in with the human population; they are known as "shavers".

Known hairypeopleEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The hairypeople of Cleverman are a new creation, drawing on the "hairyman" stories of several Aboriginal countries, especially the Gumbaynggirr people of the eastern coast. The Gumbaynggirr have several names for hairymen of different types, and since the series' creations draw from each of them, they are only referred to as hairypeople. Some hairyman stories are of people smaller than humans, and others of giants. In modern times they are sometimes used as a bogeyman figure.

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