The Namorrodor is a spirit creature from another dimension. Small, agile, and deadly, the Namorrodor is an ambush predator that stalks its prey before pouncing upon it, ripping out and devouring its heart. Being a creature from another dimension, the Namorrodor has unique senses, such as the ability to "see" the energy imbued in objects such as the Nulla Nulla. The Namorrodor seems to prefer human hearts, and will often pick easier prey, such as children or elderly.

A Namorrodor was summoned by James West to the physical plane, where he proceeded to let it rip out his heart. Over the next few days it proceeded to regularly hunt and kill, its known victims being a school boy playing soccer. Eventually it made its way to the Zone, and stalked Linda, probably because it sensed she was in a weaker physical state. Waruu West attempted to fight and return the Namorrodor to its own world, at first using traditional chants and fighting with the Nulla Nulla. When this failed, he tried using a revolver to kill it, but found that the creature was unharmed by the bullets.

Koen West took up the Nulla Nulla, and engaged the Namorrodor. At first, Koen was overwhelmed by the Namorrodor, which used its superior agility and strength to avoid his blows, before pouncing on Koen, knocking him several metres and severely clawing his face and neck. Koen used his Cleverman regeneration to heal though, and fought with new confidence. As the Namorrodor charged him, Koen impaled the Nulla Nulla in its flank, causing it to glow bright light and fracture, before completely disappearing. It is implied that Koen did not kill the Namorrodor, but instead sent it back to its own dimension.